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This is a small editor for different programming languages. It supports C/C++, AmiBlitz3 and HTML syntax highlightning. It is still under heavy developement, so not everything is working already like it should. Main target is to replace the old PED of AmiBlitz2. Compiling can be done via ARexx scripts. By default, it will behave like EditPad, except it has a sourcecode browser, which can be turned off. TuiTED is totally configured by the icon tooltypes.

TuiTED features:

  • C/C++, AmiBlitz3 and HTML syntax highlightning
  • Unlimited Undo
  • Clipboard for Copy&Paste
  • Multi-document support (up to 16 documents)
  • Optional file tree browser
  • ARexx Port
  • Launch ARexx scripts from menu
  • Perform Actions in Tree Browser on Pictures, Sounds and Archive Files