Amiga OS 4.0

StormC5ED - Programming, scripting and text editing under AmigaOS 4.x
InstallerGen is a small application for generating basic installer scripts for use with Commodore's original Installer tool. It takes a lot of the mundane coding out of the equation using a nice MUI window to arrange the steps the installer should take. Files can be added individually, or in bulk, and sanity checks will be carried out to warn you of some potential issues. As it's only simple however, it can't replace the more powerful features of the Installer language, but it can save you a lot of the legwork! InstallerGen supports most of the common installer script features including:
SMBMounter is a simple commodity with an easy-to-use GUI which allows you to save a list of shares, create and edit them easily, and mount and unmount them at the click of a button. Because it's a commodity, it will happily sit in the background and pop up whenever required with a hotkey. It uses SMBFS (and portions of Samba) to do the actual nitty-gritty networking stuff, but takes the nasty edge off coming up with the command-line arguments yourself. Features include:
  • Searching the local network for servers
  • Searching a selected server for shares
The well known HEX-editor for AMIGA computers. From the doc: - Several files can be modified in several windows and/or views at the same time. - The edit windows can be opened on any public screen and sized to any dimension you want. - Small calculator - Clipboard converter
Additional Language support for those people wishing to deal with Languages where a Keymap does not provide enough options. Japanese is the Primary focus, but Chinese and Korean are also being started. Anyone can access the sources and volunteer towards improvements
WOSIRA is an expasion of the original IRA, that enables you to dis- and re-assemble WarpOS
Fighting game engine done in C++ and SDL. It will be released as open source and anyone can use it to make a free or commercial game as long as they give me credit and releases it on AmigaOS, MorphOS, Aros or classic. This is my first C++ project and one of the purposes are to get familiarized with C++. Proof of concept: Version 0.2 (Read the ReadMe.txt in the archive)
Strategic RPG like the Fire Emblem games. Programming language: C++ Gfx system: MiniGL IDE used: Codebench Implemented features:
  • Map
  • Accessable area handling
  • Characters
    • User controlled
    • NPC (no AI done yet)
  • Actions
    • Move
    • Attack (partially done)
    • End turn
    • Cancel turn
  • Localization
  • UI
    • Map tiles
    • Characters
    • Menus
    • Accessable areas
    • Animations
A ground-up rewrite of my AmiTunes-Jukebox music library software which was mainly for use in an A1200-based MP3 jukebox. It was designed for classics with a MAS player, and supports use by remote control / buttons without using a monitor or TV.
Emperor is a very powerful software to write GUI-based programs. There are C/C++- sourcecodes that are generated by Emperor. They can be easily translated by an external C/C++-Compiler. Developer wanted to make parameterizing of the Graphical User Interface (GUI) and its


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