About us

We created OS4Coding.net just to help AmigaOS 4 programmers to exchange ideas, find answers and discuss with others for programming matters. We believe that there is a need for such a website, where specific programming information for the AmigaOS 4 is gathered. We hope that we created a nice looking and helpful website for everyone to use.

Why register?
There is no need to register to read the available content of OS4Coding.net, but we suggest you to do so. As a register user you can:

  • Write your own blog articles/tutorials/opinions about programming. If you already have your own blog page you may upload a small part of your articles, followed by an external link to your pages. This way your articles are going to be available to your target readers faster and easier by simple search OS4Coding.net.
  • Ask questions by creating new topics in our forum pages. We are totally sure that someone has the answer and he will help you shortly. In case you have the answers then please help other programmers.
  • Contact other programmers by our internal personal message system. You can send messages to one or more registered users and get informed by email when you get a reply.
  • Add your own programming news. If you heard or created something that might interest other programmers, please post a news item.
  • Online books, which are freely available on other websites can be added in our online shelve. This way useful resources are going to be available to all programmers.
  • Add your own projects. This way you will inform other programmers what you are working right now or what you did. Every project will have it’s own page, where you can upload images, links, attachments and full description. In case you don't have a website for your projects, then this page can become your official project web page.
  • Source codes can be posted. If you want to exchange lengthy sources, with syntax highlighting, you can post them in OS4Coding.net. After that, a specific url is going to be created which you can copy and paste it anywhere you want, even in other websites or forums.

How can you contribute?
If you want to help us making this site even better, try to

  • contribute with tutorials and blog articles.
  • answer questions at the forum and help other programmers to create their projects.
  • if you know websites with programming information or tutorials, then inform us to add them in the “Links” section.
  • if you use specific tool/program/software, inform us about this and we will add it to the “Coding Tools” section of the website.
  • in case you have an idea and you want to speak with us about it, contact us through the contact form. We want to hear your ideas and try to help the best way we can.