AutoDoc Reader

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This is a great freeware program to view any text file (autodocs, C-header and others) with database and seach options. This is very usefull to read the autodocs from the SDK.

Developers documentation in autodoc format is often needed in everyday work. Getting familiar with a lot of files and searching tons of text for desired information is not an easy task. That's where the idea of writing a programme that could ease using autodocs came.

First versions of the programme have been written by Pawel 'Stefkos'
Stefanski. Currently the one who is responsible for it is Marian 'MaaG^dA' Guc.

What does AutoDocReader give you?

  • possibility of creating a database of ours autodocs files,
  • fast and easy documents browsing,
  • possibility of independent loading of autodocs not included in a base,
  • search engine for functions, methods and parameters,
  • easy usage with mouse or keyboard.

The programme can act as separate viewer or autodoc-viewing module for other software (e.g. DOpus or GED).

The programme is under constant development.