A simple program using PIPE: to provide a logging window for multiple clients to send messages into.
Editor for creating/updating AmigaGuide Files.
Aglet Native PPC Modula-2 Compiler for Amiga OS4 Simple IDE for editing, compiling, linking Support for Amiga Library Interfaces Programming Support modules for Amiga specific and general usages.
A ground-up rewrite of my AmiTunes-Jukebox music library software which was mainly for use in an A1200-based MP3 jukebox. It was designed for classics with a MAS player, and supports use by remote control / buttons without using a monitor or TV.
RunInUAE is intended to make it incredibly easy to run old Amiga games on Amiga OS4, and it comes with an easy installer, so that you can: * Run almost any HD installed 68k game (or program) inside E-UAE, by simply double-clicking on it! Including WHDLoad & JOTD JST installed games. * Run ADF games by double-clicking them. (Needs a little bit of manual set-up if you don't have at least OS4.1 Update 1.) Otherwise just drag & drop them onto RunInUAE's icon in AmiDock or it's AppIcon.
PortablE is my attempt to recreate AmigaE from scratch, along with all the improvements I have wanted. And while AmigaE only worked on AmigaOS3, PortablE also works on AmigaOS4, AROS, MorphOS, and even Windows!

What is it?

Touch Device provides AmigaOS4 with an API to handle touch events.
This is just a simple GUI which produces passwords for you to use wherever you need to. The idea of this utility came from the "Gnome Password Generator" program, but it doesn't use any of it's code. Also, the code that generates the random passwords is based on the code of "mkpasswd" of Fredrik Wikstrom, which you can find on OS4Depot. This utility is totally free of charge. Feel free to use the source or put new features if you like! If you do, please inform me and send me the source code! If you release a newer version the source code must be included.

This is a small editor for different programming languages. It supports C/C++, AmiBlitz3 and HTML syntax highlightning. It is still under heavy developement, so not everything is working already like it should. Main target is to replace the old PED of AmiBlitz2.

NoWinED is a MUI-based TextEditor that can handle more files simultaneously, using different "pages" for each file. The fact that it is impossible to find a MUI TextEditor on Amiga powerfull enough to be used instead of Notepad/Editpad and other editors does not have a reason. Moreover, switching from one AmigaOS flavour to the other it is not always possible to use the same editor due to incompatibilities. NoWinED has born to be a portable MUI program, and in fact it exists for every Amiga flavour (OS3.9, OS4, MorphOS, AROS). Sadly not all the features are present everywhere due to some minor incompatibilities.


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