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This is just a simple GUI which produces passwords for you to use wherever you need to. The idea of this utility came from the "Gnome Password Generator" program, but it doesn't use any of it's code. Also, the code that generates the random passwords is based on the code of "mkpasswd" of Fredrik Wikstrom, which you can find on OS4Depot.

This utility is totally free of charge. Feel free to use the source or put new features if you like! If you do, please inform me and send me the source code! If you release a newer version the source code must be included.

It was created with the help of EMPEROR for OS4. Thanks guys for this great program.

It doesn't write anything on hard disk. BUT YOU MAY USE IT AT YOUR OWN RISK!
You may contact me at: walkero()

Version log:
* First version out.
* Produces passwords with maximum length of 64 characters in the window