Developer projects

Additional Language support for those people wishing to deal with Languages where a Keymap does not provide enough options.

Japanese is the Primary focus, but Chinese and Korean are also being started.

Anyone can access the sources and volunteer towards improvements

Fighting game engine done in C++ and SDL.
It will be released as open source and anyone can use it to make a free or commercial game as long as they give me credit and releases it on AmigaOS, MorphOS, Aros or classic.
This is my first C++ project and one of the purposes are to get familiarized with C++.

Proof of concept:

Amigo and friends
Amigo and friends is a social networking utility. It has a docky, Arexx-port and simple GUI to connect to various social networks.

The initial, yet unreleased, version will have support for Facebook.

JAmiga2 is an implementation of a Java Virtual Machine for the Amiga and Amiga related operating systems. It is a continuation of the original JAmiga project.

Designed purely for use on the latest version of AmigaOS, CodeBench is a management system that is modular to allow adaptation to various programming languages.

Utilizing a "project" based system, all files are grouped together by type and are easily accessible from the Project Window. Editing is a simple matter of selecting the required file and it is opened in the built-in editor. Creating the finished article from the project is a one click event from the toolbar.

Strategic RPG like the Fire Emblem games.

Programming language: C++
Gfx system: MiniGL
IDE used: Codebench

Capure Challange is a game for programmers based on the ACM Queue programming challenge of 2010.

It provides the engine for a game of "capture the pucks" between two strategy programs running as separate processes.

The OS4Depot download is at capturecontest.lha.

A simple program using PIPE: to provide a logging window for multiple clients to send messages into.

Editor for creating/updating AmigaGuide Files.