Spotless is a source debugging tool for Amiga. Distinguishing qualities compared to similar software is simplicity and completeness. Spotless is written in c++ and the code is open at this point for public inspection. Spotless has a ReAction frontend, but also comes as a standalone cli tool.

Strategic RPG like the Fire Emblem games. Programming language: C++ Gfx system: MiniGL IDE used: Codebench Implemented features:
  • Map
  • Accessable area handling
  • Characters
    • User controlled
    • NPC (no AI done yet)
  • Actions
    • Move
    • Attack (partially done)
    • End turn
    • Cancel turn
  • Localization
  • UI
    • Map tiles
    • Characters
    • Menus
    • Accessable areas
    • Animations
UPDATE: As I am busy with Jack, this project is on hold until further notice. Might be able to program it in Hollywood once I've got a working multi-lined text box. Source Libraries Required
  • - LibCurl
  • - Collection of functions, and classes for string manipulation.
  • - XML Parser Library
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