Amiga OS 4.1

The well known HEX-editor for AMIGA computers. From the doc: - Several files can be modified in several windows and/or views at the same time. - The edit windows can be opened on any public screen and sized to any dimension you want. - Small calculator - Clipboard converter
WOSIRA is an expasion of the original IRA, that enables you to dis- and re-assemble WarpOS
Amigo and friends Amigo and friends is a social networking utility. It has a docky, Arexx-port and simple GUI to connect to various social networks. The initial, yet unreleased, version will have support for Facebook.
JAmiga2 is an implementation of a Java Virtual Machine for the Amiga and Amiga related operating systems. It is a continuation of the original JAmiga project.
Designed purely for use on the latest version of AmigaOS, CodeBench is a management system that is modular to allow adaptation to various programming languages. Utilizing a "project" based system, all files are grouped together by type and are easily accessible from the Project Window. Editing is a simple matter of selecting the required file and it is opened in the built-in editor. Creating the finished article from the project is a one click event from the toolbar.
Capure Challange is a game for programmers based on the ACM Queue programming challenge of 2010. It provides the engine for a game of "capture the pucks" between two strategy programs running as separate processes. The OS4Depot download is at capturecontest.lha.
A simple program using PIPE: to provide a logging window for multiple clients to send messages into.
Editor for creating/updating AmigaGuide Files.
Aglet Native PPC Modula-2 Compiler for Amiga OS4 Simple IDE for editing, compiling, linking Support for Amiga Library Interfaces Programming Support modules for Amiga specific and general usages.


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