Game Editor for Skuggan's Fighting Game Engine



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The objective is to create an easy-to-use game editor for Skuggan's Fighting Game Engine.

After a little persuasion from myself we agreed that data files will be stored in XML format for portability.

The components of the Game Editor include, but not limited to:

Integrated AmigaOS-like GUI - (On-Going)
XML Parse Engine - Open and Save (Complete)
Script/Scene generator with animation format for the BMP format (Complete, final checks)
Script/Scene - Associated Objects (Unstarted)
Object generation and definitions (Complete, final checks)
Frame generation, allow the user to mark out frames from a 'sprite bank' (Complete, final checks)
Movement generation, allow the user to separate frames into movement groups (W.I.P)

In addition to Skuggan's brief when creating a new project:

A directory structure is created for the developer:

  1. Install <appname> (user selects: python ( based on Timberwolf) or standard installer)
  2. Install <appname>.info
  3. Installation Guide (template guide file, sysreq, install instr, credits, license)
  4. Instatation
  5. <appname>
  6. -| Documentation
  7. -|
  8. -| Config
  9. -| Data
  10. -| Gfx
  11. -| Libs
  12. -| Music
  13. -| Objects
  14. -| Scripts
  15. -| SObjs
  16. -| Sfx
  17. -| Text

Initial deadline: 24/12/2011
Revised deadline: 31/01/2012


0.1Alpha released to Skuggan 17/12/11
0.2Alpha expected release date to Skuggan 07/01/12
0.3Alpha, week later 14/01/12
0.4Alpha, week later 21/01/12
0.5Alpha, final revisions, 27/01/12
1.0Release, target delivery to Skuggan 30/01/12

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