New CodeBench version

The old saying goes: "No news is good news!"

It seems incredible to think that there has not been a public update for 4 years! Just where does the time go?

Well, we think its time to change that. It is understandable to think this project may well have been abandoned due to the silence, but one thing we hate is to announce something before it is ready.

So without further ado:
CodeBench 0.55 is now AVAILABLE for download.

We really hope that news was worth waiting for! <4 years is kinda pushing it - ed!>

A detailed, but not exhaustive, list of the changes, additions, bug fixes and other general shenanigans over the years is included in the archive, which helps to explain some of the new features. We are still working on bringing the online documentation up to scratch, and to highlight all of the current features. Please bear with us while this ongoing work is completed, and check back frequently, as the documentation is updated regularly.

We hope you enjoy this latest version, there has been a lot of work put into it, as you can see from the list of changes.

If you have any questions or issues, please use our dedicated forums.


Robert's picture

Just noticed this, nice one!
Downloading now....


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