Wordworth/FinalWriter filetype definition

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Wordworth/FinalWriter filetype definition

Hello guys. For a long time now I am thinking that it would be usefull an app that reads Wordworth/FinalWriter files and convert them to docx/odt/rtf files, giving the option to also make them unicode compatible. That way every could create documents on amiga and exchange them with the rest of the world.

My questions are:
- Did anyone tried something like that?
- Are there any file description of the default formats of Wordworth/FinalWriter documents?
- Do you believe that such an app would be usefull?

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Re: Wordworth/FinalWriter filetype definition

First off if you want to share document generated on the Amiga with other platforms, by far the best route is PDF.

However conversion to editabke formats might not be a bad thing, but oce edited returning it back to the amiga environment is the harder part, as more adavanced formatting will inevitably be lost.

Wordworth already supports RTF import and export (though old version thereof ofcourse).

I'm not aware of any details break down of the IFF tags in the file, some are easy to work out, some or obviously dumps of binary data from the program and so much less easy.

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Re: Wordworth/FinalWriter filetype definition

As has been said, at least for Wordworth, it uses the IFF format. So iffparse.library could be a place to start. Then it's interpreting the data. This information must surely be somewhere or has been available. Since WW importers do exist.

I know PageStream has one. Both WW and FW. Perhaps Deron can shed some light?

Also, we are getting a Final Writer reboot, if I'm not mistaken. So again see if the developer can share some insight.

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Re: Wordworth/FinalWriter filetype definition

Ironically the spam comment bumped this thread. Doesn't the DocDatatypes package support these formats?

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