Some questions on GA_HintInfo

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Some questions on GA_HintInfo
I've been trying out GAHintInfo on some program gadgets and it is very nice. One thing I've seen is that sometimes the hint text background is yellow (as I expected), and other times it will be grey. Any idea what I might have done or not done? The background seems to stay the same color for all gadgets for any one program run. Other question: for multiple Reaction windows, do I want to try out Intuition HELPGROUP handling or better to stick with just using WINDOW_GadgetHelp individually for each window? Thanks, Tom
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I must admit, I've never seen
I must admit, I've never seen the hintinfo windows background any other colour but yellow, and I use GA_HintInfo exclusively now. As for the HelpGroup thing, I can't help, I've never used it. All my applications windows set WINDOW_GadgetHelp to a global flag set in the program preferences. Simon
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