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This site , questions & suggestions

This site is something that we needed badly.
I like its conception, functionality and layout a lot.
The clear subdivisions of the forum are very helpfull in locating what you need and want to discuss with others interested in same field.

This said, i wonder if next to the basic coding forums and "misc" we should not have
" - a forum about the conception of this site "
edited: seems i overlooked the existing "about our site" forum

- a forum about documentation (SDK doc, OS doc, C and other language's docs) in which we could point to usefull tutorials, sites with code snippets and examples etc
The results of this could be collected by the site author under maybe "Bookshelve" or similar, or under "Links" somewhere

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I would second the "Document"

I would second the "Document" material but that also seems covered by blog entries as well somewhat.

The only request I would make would be some reference materials for usable Source-Control Managers
that work with Amiga OS releases along with variations.

That in my own opinion is the only thing "missing" from this site
Documentation or other materials could be handled by provision of a wiki section maybe?

Refer to "wiki" pages about a specific function/structure or similar material?

This may cover the handling for any Amiga OS and variant documentation and possibly examples as well.

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