Repository server and 68k crosscompiler available for AOS4?

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Repository server and 68k crosscompiler available for AOS4?
Hi everybody, to make it complete and since utilitiybase is still down I'd also like to ask these questions here. Are there any of these tools available? CVS does not come with server support and regarding svn I was told not to use the server part as all (this matches with my own experiences when I did so)! Anybody any information on that? Many thanks in advance and Best Regards
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If i understand right
If i understand right question about 68k crosscompiler, then the only way it vbcc. You can make any kind of amiga bins (68/wos/pup/mos/aos4) on any kind of amiga oses (os4/mos/os3). You just need correct targets, and point vbcc to platform of choice , like "vbcc +aospcc", ",vbcc +mos", "vbcc +68k", etc. In case with aos4/68k exactly, all what you need its download vbcc package for aos4 + 68k targets.
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