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Remove thousands separator

Hi, I juts build a listviewer/listbrowser with name+size and size is a string 'cos I'm adding thousands separator: "aaaa" "123.456"...

Building size->text_with_thousands_separator I use:

  1. IUtility->SNPrintf(size_str, sizeof(size_str), "%lU", size); //using the locale's formatting conventions

So I get "123.456", but on lister to sort such column I must (or is there other way?) revert/remove the thousands separator char.
Now I use this ugly code:

  1. uint32 val1, val2;
  2. char *txt1, *txt2;
  3. char tmp[20];
  4. ...
  5. GetNodeData( obj, msg->Node1, msg->ColumnNr, LISTVIEWERN_Text,&txt1, TAG_END); //gets value from column
  6. ...
  7. int8 j = 0, k = 0;
  8. while(txt1[k] != '\0') { if( isdigit(txt1[k]) ) tmp[j++] = txt1[k]; ++k; }
  9. tmp[j] = '\0';
  10. IDOS->StrToLong(&tmp, &val1);
  11. ...

Any other way to "undo" such thousands separator?

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Re: Remove thousands separator

Maybe you could store the original integers as user data, and then sort on that instead of the formatted string?

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Re: Remove thousands separator


How about you store the size (= the actual number) in each node's user data, and when you need to sort according to size you compare that, instead of the node text?

EDIT: msteed beat me to it! :-)

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Re: Remove thousands separator

@msteed & @trixie

thx will try such approach.
BTW I'm using AEON's listviewer as list browser.

EDIT1; worked like a charm, THX guys!!!!
Using (struct) lvNode->Value for storing integer size value and comparing/sorting using "retval = msg->Node1->Value - msg->Node2->Value;"

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