A question about Workbench

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A question about Workbench


Workbench has the following behaviour:
When a window is opened for a second or more time, it is positioned (x,y-coordinates) at the same place it was at the previous time (in the meantime no reboot applied af course). Workbench seems somehow to 'remember' that position and store that info in one of its many lists.

My question:
Where and how is that information stored and how is it accessible?

Any info will be appreciated, but preferably not that it is not known...


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Re: A question about Workbench

All properties of a drawer are kept in the drawer's icon. As long as the icon is visible, Workbench keeps a copy of it in memory.

So for example if you open Workbench and in it open Utilities, as long as Workbench is open, everything you do with Utilities is remembered and the window opens where you closed it. But if you close both and then open Workbench and Utilities again, the latter will open where it was saved and not where it was before.

I don't think you can access this information from a foreign program. If you can, then probably using WorkbenchControl().

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