Just an idea for increasing the number of programmers

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Just an idea for increasing the number of programmers
I have a couple of ideas that need to be discussed more, because I don't have a clear solution in my mind, but I will try to explain them the best I can. These ideas could work with the OpenAmiga project and not only with OS4Coding.net. The first idea is that a programmer or a bunch of programmers, who have an idea of an application they want to develop, should post it somewhere online (here or at OpenAmiga.org). After this post a bounty starts for it. Until now, everything is already done. The difference is that an other programmer should volunteer as a mentor for the project, who will help the programmers with extra ideas and solutions. He will be tied with the project. Many mentors can apply for a project but the programmers team has to choose one or more. The mentor will have the opportunity to earn some money from the bounty too, something that the mentor should say before the programmers choose him. They might say a percentage of their payment when they apply for the "job". Mentors could also be programmers outside the Amiga world, but they might have great experience. They might also be programmers that could do such an application, but they do not have the time. They can apply to as many projects as they want. The trick on that is that the programmers should rate the mentors for various things, like cooperation/availability/helpful/knowledge etc. (from 1 to 5 each). That way the mentors will create a reputation that might help them to get a second project again. The programmers will gain knowledge and experience from the mentor and they will have someone to attend when they have problems, instead of searching in websites and forums. Secondly, we could create a simple database of programmers that are good on a specific kind of programming, such as GUI (Reaction/MUI)/Video/Algorithms/Games/SDL/Porting developers etc. (you can specify more classes here). This way, if someone would like to cooperate with a GUI developer, he could find someone at once. This is something that I could create here, in OS4Coding user profiles, where anyone could fill. The users shoud also an experience percentage on each class. What do you think for the above? Could these be helpful? Could these ideas move things forward?
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It sounds like a good idea.
It sounds like a good idea. It would allow programmers an opportunity to get involved with a project even if they don't have time to churn out code. I myself have already got plenty of projects on the go, but I could be interested in working with the teams to address issues or enhancements associated with AmigaOS4 to allow these proposed projects better functionality. I may even bang out some code too, who knows :) Simon PS. I assume the code would be shared/hosted via SVN or similar?
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I heartily agree with this
I heartily agree with this and wish I had someone to work with for specific details I would like to ask about so I can get "on the ground running" for coding up the two projects I wish to actively work on in getting a complete InputMethodEditor and VirtualMachine/Simulator libs written and at least installed for myself if not available on os4depot.net I'm also more than willing to host a remote accessible AOS4 cluster setup for whomever is not an official team member for Hyperion and to provide a sourceforge similar setup for AOS4 dedicated projects
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