Error compiling a program under FE

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Error compiling a program under FE

Hello everyone,

i'm having problems trying to compile a small program thad used to compile under update6.

Now trying to compile i get this error: 'BMATags_RGBFormat' was not declared in this scope

Any hint?

Thank you

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Not quite sure, but maybe you

Not quite sure, but maybe you should change/use 'BMATags_PixelFormat' (graphics/gfx.h).

BTW what SDK/includes are you using?

AOS4.1/SAM460ex/PPC460EX-1155MHZ/2048MB/RadeonHD6570/SSD120GB/DVDRW :-P

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@AmigaBlitter Too old


Too old SDK.

If you have the latest version 53.24 SDK and it doesn't have the definition (it should be in SDK:include/include_h/graphics/gfx.h) then you will have to wait for the next SDK release which should be soon hopefully.

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