Coding and Sketching with Andy at AmiWest 2014...

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Coding and Sketching with Andy at AmiWest 2014...
For the last several years a few Friends of AmiWest have sponsored bringing an AmigaOS developer to each year's show for software presentations and to help users through the programming days. For the last two years we've been glad to have been joined by Mr. Lyle Hazelwood - the developer of Score, maintainer of the newest AmigaOS versions of Bars & Pipes, the camd.library, SoftSyn and AmigaOS developer. This year we're very proud to announce we've collected the funds and arranged to bring the Amiga developer Mr. Andy Broad from the UK to AmiWest! Most of you may recognize him as the originator of the new Sketchblock paint program. But Andy's prolific coding efforts include maintaining the AWeb browser, the AmigaOS Blender port, AOrganizer, a port of the Perl language and dozens of other applications. Here's to hoping some of his coding experience rubs off on us during the 2014 AmiWest Programming Jam! We also look to seeing his AmiWest demonstrations of Sketchblock and maybe even his latest (still secret) development project. See you at AmiWest! Thanks, PJS ------------------------------------------------------------------ The AmiWest show dates: Saturday October 25th through October 26th - to include presentations, a swap meet and exhibitors. The Programming Jam: Thursday October 23rd and Friday the 24th - individual and small group tutoring with AmigaOS and application developers. Info: Registration: Banquet and dinner - Saturday evening, October 25th. Hotel: Holiday Inn Express with discounted rooms and breakfast included.
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It was alot lot of
It was alot lot of fun. Thanks for the opportunity.
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