Amiga REBOL 3 status

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Amiga REBOL 3 status

Just a small note to say REBOL 3 for AmigaOS is still a priority.

You may have even noticed the current version of REBOL 3 has an AmigaOS version in the downloads section.

I am still working on the Host Kit but I'm currently waiting on Carl Sassenrath to supply the necessary REBOL core to continue my work.

As for REBOL itself, it is still in the alpha stage but there is a push for beta going on right now. Let's hope they manage to get to beta soon and move REBOL closer to a fully functional product.

As always, see the REBOL 3 home page for the latest information.

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Thanks for the update! I'm

Thanks for the update! I'm really curious what opportunities REBOL opens for OS4.

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