AHI: How to play short waveform repeatedly ?

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AHI: How to play short waveform repeatedly ?
How to repeat playing a selfmade waveform in memory as long as a note needs to keep playing ? I'm trying to do BeginIO again after I get a message port signaled. That way I can repeat the sound few times, but not properly I think, but after few times I don't get any sound at all no matter what I do. It's like AHI is somehow blocked or something.
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You shouldn't use BeginIO
You shouldn't use BeginIO unless you are told to do so by the documentation. SendIO is the standard function to start an asynchronous I/O. When you receive a signal on your reply port you first have to call WaitIO to remove the message from the port. Only then you may reuse the I/O request. If you need a continuous wave form without clicking noise you should duplicate the I/O request and use ahir_Link to connect the two requests.
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