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The Amiga Porting Team

Hello everyone,

just want to inform that we are looking for capable programmers to form a "software porting team", to port as much software possibile to Amiga OS.

During the past years i contacted several ex-amigans (with the help of the tireless Amitv), which have become over time great developers producing great software (mainly games).
For this reason, i collected various source code of game and software (with the authors permission) that can be ported to AmigaOS, Aros and MOS too.

One of this software was "Equilibrio", came to us thanks to afx and ACube (and DK-Games, of course). There are other software and games (even famous name).

To port all these software, of course, programmers are needed. Andrea afxgroup can't do all the job alone (altough he's a monster porter or the lord of the port :P).

I think that a team of 5 or six programmers should suffice These programmers should also sign (where required) an NDA to protect the authors of the source code.

So, what you think about this?

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In my opinion, native

In my opinion, native software is always preferable over (often quick and dirty) ports.
AmigaOS 4.x features such unique techniques that ported software hardly can touch, I mean that software should be designed with OS4 in mind from scratch.

I would rather focus on joining the forces to develop good native software, starting from those things that our beloved platform lacks and needs.


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And to reiterate a futher

And to reiterate a futher point, perhaps forces need to be combined into producing stable and working developer tools for AmigaOS4. That is tools used in the outside community for project building. We could do with software like this that works with the SDK and can produce OS4 native binaries as well as solve dependencies or locate where includes and lib files are on the OS4 system. This woud make porting easier.

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