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16 april 2012
-bug on quitting removed
-treewalk function used for Action & LVAction commands (recursive actionson subdirectories) now rewritten correctly using ObtainDirContext & ExamineDir. Action is executed on the full tree.

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Hello everyone... I'm just going to blog about some steps forward!,
with thanks to Mick & Kicko on for materials and testing.

I've managed to get a tested jp106 keymap initial release written up.

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Well the initial plan for Perception IME is to add a "perception.library" into LIBS:

However to setup and present this library to the system ...

nihongo.language would be setup and loaded by locale.library as part of Iprefs
setup of system-wide settings

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This is an article in the making.
I am dumping here my questions and hopefull progressing understanding of gui creation on the Amiga from its first appearance on the Amiga till now.

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What is Gui4Cli
Gui4Cli is a simple but powerfull language created by D. Keletsekis around the beginning of this century.

It is an interpreted language with very good debugging possibilities.

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Hello readers,

Over the following months I'll be posting some source code examples using my base:library which is available (as an older version which will be shortly updated) on OS4Depot.

The base:library contains many useful functions for creating:

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GDB for beginners.

1. Introduction.
2. What is GDB?
3. First steps.
4. Final words.
5. Quick reference.
6. Links.



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