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Of course you can have your most used subroutines in one gui, say CommonRoutines.gc and from other gui's address them as G Gosub CommonRoutines.gc MymostusedRoutine You can do better still.
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With the framework core library made, An internalized Polymorph-VMM daemon presenting a centralized commodity. I have been focusing on the filter/loader First the minimal OS patch, Second is binding the CX Enable/Disable Third is to Identify the Object Fourth is to open a binding plugin
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Okay... yes some of the detractors said I was slow... I'm not too worried As of this blog entry... the library shells are building... Polymorph is also taking shape with an Assembly Plugins API... GCC can't support variables in registers arbitrary to a custom calling convention...
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Hello and seasons greetings everyone, Just a quick update today for my blog, as some of you may have already noticed I have recently updated my Application Template available on OS4Depot.
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GetFile gadget, long path names and how to deal with them NOTE: A working example of how things look like is uploaded to OS4Depot under the name of 'longpathnames.lha'.


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