Annotate 3.0.1 released

Onyxsoft released a new version of the great editor Annotate 3.0.1. At this newer release a few bugs were fixed and a few changes were introduced. Here is a list of the changes:
  • NEW * Tool commands now get a console output window if they output anything.
  • NEW * Made the "Quit with changes" requester much better and allows to save.
  • FIX * Spell corrected guide by Tom Breeden. Thank you!
  • FIX * Fixed string escaping in the XML prefs such that any characters in paths etc can be saved without causing XML parse errors.
  • FIX * Fixed the Tools edit page which was completely screwed on the MUI versions.
  • NEW * Added Alt as qualifier to temporarely switch selection mode between normal and rectangular mode.
  • NEW * Improved rectangular selection such that the width is not dependent on the length of the last line the mouse is over.
  • NEW * Updated the behavior of upper/lower case when there is no selection. Now it changes the character under the cursor and advances by char ahead.
  • FIX * Fixed the $ VER : string which appeared empty in some versions.
  • FIX * Optimized the text redrawing when selecting text and in other situations.
You can download it by the Onyxsoft website.