Polymorph and Perception frameworks...

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Okay... yes some of the detractors said I was slow... I'm not too worried As of this blog entry... the library shells are building... Polymorph is also taking shape with an Assembly Plugins API... GCC can't support variables in registers arbitrary to a custom calling convention... I do have to thank Kas1e's "The Hacking way" Blog for actual PowerPC references There will be nothing fancy to see visually when I am done for either project. I'm just fixing the housekeeping for now. I'll post up further entries along with the latest code when I next get a chance to have my sam440 online Ranger is also displaying that the background processes exist and run without errors Other than the above and various personal life things delaying things... I may be able to actively show something more than these blog entries... I will continue to post code updates and resources whenever I can... With the existing plugins as examples... I am sure other developers would also be interested in the polymorph library once they grasp the base concepts So far successfully functional and still going forward

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