Perception Input Method Extended Language Support

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I may as well blog about the way I intend to actually implement code for Perception and Polymorph, I don't really expect anyone to follow any of this...but here goes... Perception IME will have either a docky or commodity with a core library, the docky/commodity is to present a "Language ToolBar" or dock into AMIdock(docky form)... the user can decide which to use... but this basically provides access to the IME functions of the locale.library "*.language" drivers that register providing an IME callback. any *.language drivers will be loaded as standard locale.library language libraries *optionally* opening perception.library when it is present. if the Perception.Library is unable to be opened they are to skip registration of any IME hook and function as a standard standalone language driver for locale. Perception.Library is really handling resource tracking centrally using an OOP wrapper, along with providing support functions for the imecall mechanism to work regardless of whether I build for AmigaOS4.x or AROS. in the AmigaOS 4.x instance of Perception.Library... I *may* be able to expand on what interfaces the locale.library provides but I would only consider that if any of my work is considered for later inclusion into the official release (like that will ever happen!) most of the expanded Input functions will be split up based on what languages need them, if only 1 language needs that function then the driver can impliment it itself, but things like dictionaries and "translation" functionality... These will definitely be moved up into the perception.library itself, The User Accessible tools are really Graphical front-ends for the library where possible, or where that functionality is multi-lingual. for my next post... I'll start explaining something similar of a loader/library/driver arrangement for polymorph... AbH Belxjander Draconis Serechai

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Better multiple language support is always a plus. What about simultaneous support of more than one language? I would like being able to work in one public screen in french, in another in english; Just chosing the language in 'screen preferences' or from your gui (docky...) and having all editors (spellcheckers) and readers working in that language ? Translators and multilingual organisations would be interested i guess. I wonder what it would take at the application (wordprocessor level) to interface with this concept? In this phase and if you have acces to a PC, i would suggest using Gui4Cli for prototyping your gui. Feedback would be easier.
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I took the time to explore what IME is on the internet. I must say my first reaction was somewhere in the blue. Your technical presentation with some hindsight was indeed chinese to me.