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I've managed to actively build both Perception-IME and Polymorph-VM skeletons on AmigaOS 4.x natively, the next step for each will be these... Perception-IME is to have Chinese, Japanese and Korean ".language" modules provided to AmigaOS 4.x builds, and with suggestions these will be tweaked to work on AmigaOS 3.x/MorphOS or AROS as well (within constraints outlined on the project site) Polymorph-VM is to have the core library begin "filling in" to have something of a codebase present beyond the initial skeleton, along with initial ECALL Interface materials. I have needed to drop support for legacy API presence on AmigaOS 4.x for now... and with someone explaining how I can recover that without hidden dependencies or tying to one branch of the "Amiga" tree would be appreciated... I know how I would express the ideas inside Polymorph on a 680x0 system using SAS/C or StormC however would like to get this working properly using whatever replacement facilities exist in GCC to handle registers being dictated... the perils of being self-taught as a programmer I think, that I can express ideas but still need to have the constraints of the tools explained. Well... whatever happens... I will keep at it and keep trying to do my best...

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The use of the above depicted way is not only limited to GetFile gadgets, but everywhere where a lengthy pathname CAN occur!-Missed Fortune