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I've re-created the repository for perception-ime as perception-ime instead of perception-amigaos on google code... There is now also a "Perception.Library" skeleton along with the initial materials for chinese.language, japanese.language and korean.language drivers to be added to what locale.library can load based on the locale language preferences. The next step would be to confirm building the project on a real AOS4 system... This has been attempted by mbrandtley from AmigaWorld and I thank him again for his time for doing this. I have been able to update various functions and provide at least some basic strings that I know are correct for Japanese... However I still need confirmation of the Chinese and Korean forms of the 72 built-in strings when the GetLocaleStr function is written into the library. The next step will be to separate the driver specifics and have them self-register with Perception.Library when it is present. I do hope that the hidden commodity I will be installing into the library itself does not give anyone any problems... I will register it as "Perception" with "Enable" and "Disable" awareness, after which the objective will be to support usage of the existing Amiga OS preferences options when they are available. I will default Perception to being in a "disabled" state until it is given instruction otherwise. I am also considering what Amiga REXX host options to provide as well... "Enable" and "Disable" commands obviously,... Does anyone have any requests? as I will also be making a small front-end UI tool as well for both Shell and Workbench integration to be as subtle as possible. I have considered making the UI itself the commodity... or also the option of having the library provide the User Interface materials directly. I will stick with the current plan of keeping the central library limited and providing the User Interface seperately, so that ClassAct/ReAction and MUI versions of the tools may be easily provided. I've been developing this where anyone may look at any of the code at any point... so feel free to look for yourself as well if you wish to do so...

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This example code allows for up to 30 concurrent downloads, but can easily be changed at a whim - and indeed I will no doubt reduce this to 10 or perhaps 15. I am positive Origin won't appreciate the server being overloaded!-Arthur van der Vant