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While I am saving up and getting money together to actually buy an NG PPC Amiga system, I thought I may as well share my thoughts on what I have in mind for these two projects That way I can possibly get some feedback on the ideas presented before I get harassed about any possible design bugs... for Perception IME I am intending to write a "docky" for what the User is to see, with *two* buttons triggering menus... one for Language of Choice and the other for tools Basically Perception IME will contain a core "perception.library" and this will be loaded by the appropriate .language libraries for the system standard locale.library. I have also given thought to updating translator.library and narrator.device from the OS2.x release of Amiga OS system files and have that also use the .language files that register themselves with perception.library. My other project which is also a framework is called Polymorph ... I asked on the AmigaWorld and Amigans sites about if anyone had any interest in these... The primary support routines for Interpretive and Just-In-Time/Preparse Recompilation would be present in this library and it would in itself be ignorant of any given Emulation, However... there would be the option of "Simulator" Loaders selecting and using an "Emulation" module for processing... In effect any kind of "taggable" data would be usable as its own kind of program, heavily dependent on support routines of course. I have already started on the Perception IME project (with example help as I don't currently own an AOS4.x machine) in preparing a Japanese Keymap for a jp106 keyboard. a jp106 Keyboard is a modified us latin1 layout with all the symbols relocated... and 4 extra "Japanese" Keys one key has 「半角/全角」 which is obviously not usable on the current US layout (replacing the ` key in the top left of the qwerty layout) (The following is UTF8 「半角/全角」 /UTF8 encoding is also planned for PerceptionIME) The qwerty area numbers also have the following symbol order !"#$%&'() with 0 being skipped. Ive put a little bit of a framework together on Google Code and would actually enjoy adding to it, once I can get past building the code for AmigaOS4.x. as for using VBCC or any compiler other than GCC, no thanks... been there... again I was helped with that (make seems *really* arcane at this point). mostly the only issue I really have is *no*clear*direct*example* Makefile for creating an AmigaOS4.x library that is also compilable on AROS. It was suggested to me to build for AROS and worry about AmigaOS4.x later... to me the original is AOS4.x and AROS is the clone system. I am very averse to trying to develop using any kind of cross-compiler as well at this point mainly down to having no cross-compiler actually build a proper toolchain that I have been able to trust the output from. so far I have been working based on the RKRM Libraries 3rd Edition I physically have and writing code out on paper for ideas to make things work at various stages. For the PerceptionIME project I would like to add at least Japanese if not Korean and Chinese as well (I'll start with the language I can actually speak and read/write a little bit of...) If no one has any objections I will also be trying to contact some developers about useful tools from AmigaOS3.x (there IS a gestures commodity on Aminet) I am certain some of these tools would be more power-enabling for some people. Especially since they would be OS universally enabled *options*. Anyway ... enough of my rambling for the first entry of this... Perception IME and Polymorph are both on Google Code if anyone wants to look at the initial library skeletons... there is very very little there right now I will however dictate that they *MUST* be compilable using GCC from Makefiles... once I can be happy to actually build such a thing for AmigaOS4.x and AROS from exactly the same source tree now I'll go back to my corner and try to sort out some means of getting enough money together to actually buy a sam440ep(mini) or sam460ex [hopefully I can get both) AbH Belxjander Draconis Serechai


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--relocated-- just getting used to this blogging site handling so I may as well blog each project seperately and add commentary or entries as needed...