Debug 101 v.1 - first class debugger for OS 4.1

Debug 101 v.1 has been released!

Debug101 at os4depot

Db101 is a source level debugger for os4.1. It can do many of the same tasks as GDB, but has a nice reaction gui and an Arexx port.

This is a big update, with completely revamped gui and a lot of cool features added:

- Interpretation of structs, unions and enums
- added "detach" function from detached mode
- added "signals" window
- added posibility to set breakpoints at symbols and absolute addresses
- added step into and step out
- added ability to hexview any part of memory


Thanks to kas1e and NinjaDNA for testing. And to all the people on the os4invite list for putting up with my annoying questions! :)


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A very big thank you indeed to AlfKill & testers.

It is the first time i am able to really use a symbolic debugger on my SAM440ep (now OS4.1 update 6.)

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Very nice. Is there anything similar for 4.0?

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No, sadly it needs the newest features of the os to work. Sorry.

This is a very uselfu and welcome addition to AmigaOS4 developer tools. But I am still stuck with getting variables to show up. Here on things I compile I get none. Which makes it hard to debug and track variables.

The example executable included has them and they show up so what compiler options do we need?

I tried "-g -ggdb -gstabs" and so went overboard. It certainly loads symbols as it finds main() and other functions. And I know variables work as the example shows them working. What's the secret? :-)