CodeBench 0.42 update now available for download

Yes, it is really true, a new version of CodeBench is now available to download. After two years of constant development, we feel we have finally managed to stabilise the code to a releasable state. Unfortunately, we have had to disable some features due to insufficient testing, but on the whole we are happy with the results. Once you have created your "CodeBench Community" account, you may use the support forums for feedback, advice and help. Many thanks to all of those that waited patiently for this release, we appreciate it has been far too long. However, we do feel the wait has been worth it though. Have fun!


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Many thanks for the update. Here's one. Look forward ot trying it out. :-)
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Simply Awesome! I installed the latest OS4.1 SDK on a new partition, then installed Codebench 0.42. I rebooted, started Codebench 0.42, opened a project I had created last year with the previous version of Codebench, compiled it and ran it...just like that. No issues, no problems, no errors. Everything worked great! Good job!
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