Creating a ppc-amigaos cross-compiler from adtools project

The following is what I did to build and install the adtools cross-compiler on my x86 Ubuntu system.

If you are installing on cygwin or otherwise already have write access to /usr/local/amiga then you can leave out the sudo command in the following instructions ("make install" instead of "sudo make install" f.e.).



1. Checkout binutils, binutils-build, gcc and gcc-build from adtools SVN

$ mkdir adtools
$ cd adtools
$ svn checkout svn:// binutils
$ svn checkout svn:// binutils-build
$ svn checkout svn:// gcc
$ svn checkout svn:// gcc-build

2. Build and install binutils

$ cd binutils-build
$ make
$ cd cross-trunk
$ sudo make install

3. Install SDK files in /usr/local/amiga/ppc-amigaos/SDK

The following directories (including contents) are needed from your AmigaOS 4.x SDK:

Note that the case of filenames is very important on linux (it should be f.e. /SDK/local/... and not /SDK/Local/...)

4. Create a soft link to the SDK from /SDK

$ sudo ln -s /usr/local/amiga/ppc-amigaos/SDK /SDK

5. Build and install gcc

$ cd gcc-build
$ make
$ cd cross-trunk
$ sudo make install

6. Edit your ~/.bashrc file

Add the following line there if you don't have it already:
export PATH=/usr/local/amiga/bin:$PATH


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